Who we are?

AG Finance, Inc. is a micro-finance company catering to workers here and abroad.

Our company started its roots in 2001 by providing Salary Loans to permanent rank and file employees of reputable companies in the Philippines. Local client companies are able to free themselves from the administrative and capital costs of processing and handling employee loans by availing of our services. They are able to focus their funds and resources to their core business.

In 2003, AG Finance saw a great demand in the deployment of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). The Company expanded its market coverage to Filipinos aspiring to provide a better life for their families by dedicatedly working abroad. We understand the OFWs need to invest in their families' future. We offer access to immediate funds for pre-deployment and relocation expenses to migrating professionals through our OFW Financing Program.

With over a decade of experience in the overseas market, AG Finance has grown to be a well known player in OFW Financing industry.

AG Finance is committed to bringing the world a little bit closer to Filipinos and in making the Philippines a bigger part of the globe through dedication and service to our fellow kababayans' here and abroad.

Our core

As a financial company, AG Finance, Inc.'s strength lies in its core competitiveness of offering superior business-to-business services to client-companies in need of such.

Superior Flexibility
AG Finance, Inc. believes in making micro-finance (consumer loan) services simple and accessible to Overseas Professional Workers in need of loan placements. With competitive rates, no cash out, and no hidden charges, AG Finance offers one of the lowest effective interest rate in the market.

Superior Productivity
With AG Finance, Inc. you can be assured that company records and applicant information are kept safe and secure in our system. With our state-of-the-art software and database managing tools, we are able to access reports on status updates, loan placements, or outstanding balances thereby providing timely, confidential and efficient services to our clients.

Superior Efficiency
AG Finance Inc's personalized service provides utmost comfort and convenience letting our clients have immediate access to funds when they need it.

Through AG Finance, Inc.'s unique service offering of providing superior flexibility, superior productivity, and superior efficiency to you the customer, we take pleasure in helping you be the strong enterprise of the future because you gain the valuable operational cost-savings now.

That's prosperity through reliabilty for you, your company, and your team.

Our vision

AG Finance aims to be the premiere financing institution to meet the diverse needs of the market by offering the best terms of credit, efficient service, and products that are best suited to our clients' needs. Through technology, efficiency and cost-effectiveness will be achieved.



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